Monday, December 05, 2005

The Gordonian Revolution continues

I know the word is 'Brownite', but I think only 'Gordonian' imbues the man with the appropriate level of grandeur.

He's about to get a bit of a lashing on the pre-Budget report, but two stories caught my eye in the last 24hours - first this one about GB fighting on to get a deal on farm subsidies; anyone remember them? All those white wristbands and that moronic self-congratulatory Live8 bollocks were for a reason: putting a stop to the entirely un-competitive farm subsidies that continue to make the world such an unfair place to trade in. Blair effectively gave up on a deal already when he allowed some of the UK rebate to go, and Mandelson's being a prick about it and briefing against SuperGordo, quel surprise.

Then there's this: more help for young families to get on the housing ladder. It's not so much the policy as the media delivery that interested me - Brown's probably going to get a bit of a lashing about taxes going up in tomorrow's papers, yet his team still managed to get the following front page in the Daily Mail-owned Evening Standard - 'Brown Signals Help for Young Families'. And you can't buy publicity like that - pure unfettered positive news that's aimed at pretty much everyone.

Roll on Brown Vs Cameron in 2009! My current feeling is that Brown could just about sneak it. The more I read about Cameron the more light-weight and beatable he seems.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the tory cabal in my house are sooo running scared of gordon... he's the man

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roll on Brown Vs Cameron in 2009!


12:08 PM  

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