Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tony Blair, man of the people

He was on the legendary Radio Five Live soccer phone-in 6-0-6 last night, and some of his pronouncements about the England team ahead of tonight's game against Sweden sounded a little familiar. All the talk about judging people on their records not on public perceptions; it sounded like a defence of Sven and the faltering England team as a non-too-subtle cipher for a defence of TB and the faltering Labour government. So in the name of reading too much into things (always better than reading too little), I present some subtle alterations to the transcript:

"Hargreaves should be given a chance... at this stage the most important thing is that we get behind the team."
Replace ‘Hargreaves’ with ‘I’, and ‘team’ with ‘new Iraqi administration’.

"I also think Beckham gives the team something as captain. I think Beckham is a potential match-winner - you saw that in the first match against Paraguay and against Trinidad and Tobago."
Replace ‘Beckham’ with ‘I’, replace ‘potential match-winner’ with ‘election-winner’, replace ‘match against Paraguay and against Trinidad and Tobago’ with ‘successive Labour landslides in electoral history’.

"And the only thing Sven will be focused on is, not frankly, what happens to him after the World Cup but making sure that he wins the World Cup because that is what he's there to do."
Replace ‘Sven’ with ‘I’, ‘him’ with ‘me’, the first ‘World Cup’ with ‘Labour party conference’, replace ‘he’ with ‘we’, ‘wins the World Cup’ with ‘win back the respect of decent, hard-working families’, and ‘he’s there to do’ with ‘we were elected to do’.

This is getting a tad cumbersome now innit.

Also can I just re-iterate, the reason nowt's going on over here, is that for this glorious World Cup month, anyone with any sense is at our World Cup blog.


Blogger John said...

Good work, if only to keep your blog alive.

11:56 AM  
Blogger dan hancox said...

yeah, cheers... even the full-blown comments on this post - and the subsequent discussion of frances fukuyama etc - are on the world cup blog.

which is as it should be at this time of year i suppose.

2:59 PM  

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