Monday, November 17, 2008

The Wire, hope and the New Statesman

I have a piece about pirate radio,, and transience in the new issue of The Wire. For once I've been given the editorial leeway to explain the music's power properly - rather than having 'the essence of grime' squeezed into one short, unsatisfactory intro sentence, as usually happens. Big up The Wire, you don't know how much difference this makes (or perhaps, you do).

Two recent blog posts from me on Lower End Spasm, one very silly and one slightly more serious state-of-the-scene business... Grime: Thee True Historie and Hessle Audio: Going on 'Deep'.

Meanwhile, here's my review of This Isn't For You, a new experimental classical night, in the current issue of the New Statesman.

Finally, there was some election or other Tuesday before last. Tom and I saw Mr Obama speak the day of the Iowa Caucus, 3 January 2008.. I've been thinking back to that evening a lot recently.. still can't quite believe it. Any of it.


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