Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Essential Wiley + trimmings

I could write about Wiley for pages and pages and pages: I wouldn't for a second argue with the notion that he's the most important British musician of the decade.

'The Essential Wiley' for FACT magazine

And a follow-up post with a couple of downloads in it from Mr DJ/Rupture. Also, if you've never seen it, here's mine and Alex Bok Bok's epic interview with Wil from early 2007.


Warp Records/ recently asked me to name my album of the year so far, which wasn't easy, since my favourite music of the year (so far) doesn't really reside in album format. But any opportunity to evangelise the Omar S Fabric CD I will happily take.


Finally, this little tidbit recently re-emerged: it's the transcript of a (2006/7?) round-table discussion with Geeneus, Plastician, Martin Clark and several others about how underground music scenes evolve, and the compromises that have to be made in seeking mainstream recognition. All of the quotations attributed to me about drum 'n' bass were actually courtesy of Del Dias: I know eff all about d'n'b, of course.

That's me listening to MJ Cole, alongside Del. MJ Cole, who is very much back, all of a sudden - he has a brand new FACT mix out that's well worth a look.


Blogger ∞ infinite ∞ said...

thanks for the heads up about the mj cole mix dan!
downloading now, lookin fwd to hearing it... in the meantime... dnb...spotify makes things easy altho there's not all that much on there but, photek's modus operandi is... sit back and listen to that when ur feeling sleepy its amazing!

also goldie's- timeless and paradox presents drumfunk vol.1 is a good example of later stuff!

hope ur well! gx

3:11 PM  

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