Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The New York Times tackles dubstep...

...and comes off sounding a little bit like a Radio 4 sitcom featuring a 45 year-old character actor playing a 15 year-old member of da yoof:
The only thing more disruptive than a dubstep bass line is an outright break in the music, which also happened plenty of times in the small hours of Sunday morning, as Benga and Skream, both originally from Croydon in South London, D.J.’d as a tag team, each playing a record, or three, before passing off the headphones and controls.

Sometimes the transitions were a little sloppy, and sometimes this impromptu duo and everyone else onstage with them — several dozen at the night’s peak — were so thrilled at the first few seconds of a song that the D.J.’s stopped it and let the crowd shout until they started it anew.
Someone explain to them what a rewind is: these poor New Yorkers have clearly never had Craig David all over their boing.


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