Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wombles, blitzkriegs, droughts and burritos

I've been shockingly busy recently. Well, it's come as a shock to me anyway. Here's a brief round-up of things I forgot to mention:

I finally got around to writing a piece for the New Statesman about The People’s Republic of AFC Wimbledon: an oasis of socialism in the hyper-capitalist world of 21st century English football. Oh south London (oh south London) is wonderful (is wonderful).

I spent a couple of months in the British Library for The Guardian digging up primary materials for their Second World War supplement series, which are free with the paper every day this week. Along with many soul-crushingly harrowing accounts of genocide and torture – in Europe and beyond – there were a few less grim moments. Ed Murrow’s evocations of London in the blitz for American radio audiences were particularly captivating.

I’m currently editing some ground-breaking research by the BBC World Service Trust into attitudes to and knowledge of climate change in Ethiopia, Senegal, Ghana, Uganda and Kenya. African countries are among the least culpable in the world for the effects of climate change, but in many cases lives are already being destroyed by climatic changes, droughts and floods - and it's only going to get worse. More on this project later, but for the moment here’s the Africa Talks Climate website.

I’ve been writing a series of articles about Mexican food for The Discovery Channel. That’s right muchachos, it's chimichanga time.

I dimly recall a time when I used to write about music... I'm hoping to revive this at some point.


Blogger John said...

Mr Hancox, long time.

Shurely my own club Ebbsfleet are the socialist Conference team.

9:23 AM  

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