Saturday, January 02, 2010

2009: looking back

Some tidbits from the long-tail-end of 2009 I never blogged:

Only a teenage genius with nothing to lose would start their debut with ‘Sittin’ Here’, one of the harshest musical and lyrical descriptions of modern Britain imaginable, like a grime version of La Haine.

A write-up of Dizzee's Boy In Da Corner for FACT's 100 Albums of the Decade list. BIDC was number 3 in their list, which immediately qualifies it as a bit less idiotic than all the other decade lists. I also wrote a blurb about the (cough) unimpeachable DJ-led rollage of Slimzee's 2002 Sidewinder bonus tape, which was number 50 in the list.


The Foley sounds reveal one of the most important science fiction themes: transformation. In this case, the sound design deals with transformation of forms, specifically, human and machine.

A Darkstar interview for FACT. This is the obscure Human League b-side they've covered on their debut (as yet still unnamed) album, 'You Remind Me of Gold':


And finally my 20 records of 2009, also for FACT. The-Dream's 'Love Vs Money' album was at number 1, everything after that is in the random order it came to my head. Apparently The-Dream is making a video for 'Fancy', which is very exciting news indeed; how insouciantly brilliant do you have to be to have the drums crash in SIX MINUTES AND SEVENTEEN SECONDS into a song only six minutes and thirty seconds long? This brilliant.


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Omgeez, just been listening to The-Dream's Falsetto like nuts. So wicked.

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