Monday, February 08, 2010

Bruce Forsyth, Anish Kapoor, The Nutty Professor, etc

Quick round-up:

Glow sticks, superclubs... and Bruce Forsyth in the New Statesman: dance manias, Barbara Ehrenreich, skanking in IKEA, and why, in strictly Darwinian terms, wallflowers get EATEN BY TIGERS.

Bread and Roses in Middlesbrough
in the New Statesman: "Hearts starve as well as bodies; give us bread, but give us roses" - why the arrival of the world's most expensive public art project in Boro is very poorly timed.

Some free old skool Geeneus riddims on Lower End Spasm.

Interviewed on The Lepanto League
about writing, London music, and political reportage. Also I told the story about winning a competition to review Dragonheart when I was 13 - the prize was a long-sleeve Nutty Professor t-shirt.


Blogger John said...

I watched Nutty Professor and Nutty Professor 2 last year. FFS. Eddie Murphy was on safer ground with the red leather and "faggots spitting the AIDS into his mouth" material

1:34 PM  

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