Sunday, March 07, 2010


Feature for The Independent about
Salt N Pepa's return, and their legacy as feminist pop cultural icons - informing everyone from Destiny's Child to Electrik Red.

It has become received wisdom that a major millennial power-shift saw rap and R'n'B become the most anti-feminist music there is. Beyoncé, in particular, is derided by feminists as the ultimate in male-objectification fantasies – but there is another interpretation, around the idea that black women at the forefront of popular culture continue to – albeit subtly – subvert gender roles. Beyoncé's huge 2008 hit "Single Ladies", ostensibly a re-establishment of modern woman as passive wife, is arguably pure parody – Beyoncé is no longer a mortal woman but a cyborg, as her robot-arm in the video demonstrates. In the words of the superb It's Her Factory blog, "the song isn't an ode to marriage and property and heterosexuality, it's an Afrofuturist feminist critique of heterosexual courtship."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad that Woebot also deleted his post on the Internal Tulips album. He was really spot on. That album is unbelievably great.

1:54 PM  
Blogger derrickpoetryburton said...

what up, new to the blog scene and just saying hello.. im a poet, photographer, artist. Love the dj look its hot.:)

4:47 AM  
Blogger John said...

Surely the seven faceless drones who wrote Single Ladies first came up with the oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh bit, then all the single ladies, all the single ladies line, then finally thought of the catchy phrase if you like it...

To assume that the sinister machines behind commercial pop music have any sort of political agenda is a false assumption in my book.

2:59 PM  
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