Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Historic announcement: Rinse FM goes legal

Big news a long time in gestation for London's leading (former) pirate radio station. Here's a piece welcoming the historic Ofcom announcement on the Guardian music blog.
There is so much that makes Rinse FM special: having to slow-dance around the room with an aerial in search of a better signal, the beguiling patter of the shout-outs, the adverts for raves voiced by MEN WHO MUST HAVE SOME KIND OF HEARING IMPAIRMENT, THE WAY THEY'RE SHOUTING.
Oh and here's a longer piece on Rinse I wrote for the New Statesman in 2007, foreshadowing the station's move towards legitimacy.


Blogger streathampulse said...

Your link to the Guardian piece doesn't work.

11:56 AM  
Blogger dan hancox said...

thanks, it does now

11:58 AM  
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