Monday, July 11, 2011

Beyoncé at Glasto and other musical animals, radio programmes, etc

A piece for The National on the head-spinningly perfect pop climax to Glastonbury's emotional rollercoaster, the ONE, the ONLY, BONCEYYYYYYYY.. The key line, sadly cut for propriety, from the teenagers standing next to us:

"Listen, Beyoncé is a fucking GODDESS!" - 14-year-old-girl to her sneery male friend


Three 800-word pieces for The Guardian's History of Music series, on key turning points in UK music:

1999: UK garage goes POP, with Craig David's Re-Rewind.
2003: Grime's 100 Club Moment - Dizzee Vs Crazy Titch.
2011: Katy B and London's ever-changing club scene.


You can listen to the BBC Radio 4 doc on sodcasting, based on my Guardian feature, here.

You can listen to me talking about riot music, grime, dancehall, and Vybz Kartel's 'Ramping Shop', along with the estimable Owen Hatherley on Pulp, on Domino Radio, here.


And here are a few PDFs of recent music review-essays for The National, on Kode9 and viral sonics, the history of emo and other teenage disorders, the controversy of 'world music' and post-colonialism, and Low and slowcore (all online, too; links elsewhere on this blog).


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