Friday, March 10, 2006

I'm Woody Guthrie

This fortnight's New Statesman column is on Jeff Lewis - and briefly recaps anti-folk - and I'm actually quite pleased with it for once. I'll sonic tryptophan you in a minute...

Monday, March 06, 2006

Compare and contrast

Looks *nice* doesn't it? A clean, biblical totem to the God of commerce. And the equally important God of luxury flats, one whom we've been very keen to appease in the London area lately...

It's certainly an improvement on this trampy affair full of vibrant colour, variety, diversity, and, um, y'know, non-white people. The top image is an 'artist's impression' (as I believe the saying goes) of what will happen to Queen's Market in Stratford, East London, when Asda (aka Walmart presents Asda) and the developers are done with it.

The fact that, ooh, only 12,000 local residents oppose the idea shouldn't get in the way. Nor should the fact that there hasn't been a proper consultation process. Nor should the fact that every single political party from the Greens to the Tories to the Christian People's Alliance oppose the 'development'; every single one except my beloved Labour party of course. (The fact that Labour rule Newham Council with an iron fist has nothing to do with it of course, and anyone who says otherwise is clearly a Trot or a Fascist or possibly both.)

I'm only just dipping my toe in the water of this one, so watch this space...

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Just fyi i've decided to blog soup recipes on my myspace. So there.