Monday, May 29, 2006

The Download takes a bow

Well it's been eighteen months, something like 30-odd columns, around 10,000 words, and over a hundred mp3s recommended, and now The Download waves goodbye. (Those aren't especially startling statistics but it seemed like a nice way to sum up.) Downloading is now part of mainstream culture - not a niche activity that needs its own column - and the New Statesman is moving on into some kinda sexy redesign in the next couple of weeks.

Watch this space for our respective subsequent activities, until then props to the NS for letting me write about literally whatever music I wanted to for a year and a half. I never got a single reader complaint along the lines of "who the hell are these bands I've never heard of? Why aren't you writing about the new Coldplay?", which reflects well on the NS readership - they can't all be public service workers in their 30s/40s in any case. Maybe they are hip after all. Maybe they just weren't reading.


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