Thursday, August 02, 2007

What's new pussycat?

***Monkey: Journey to the West review-feature in the New Statesman. That was a larf. I met Simon Price too, which was nice, for the Manics fan still lurking somewhere in me. I didn't ask him to analyse the lyrics of 'Dead Yankee Drawl'.. maybe I should have done.

***Some of my chinadialogue features:

Green celebrities
Green nightlife
Green rock music
Green.. er.. one-off festivals, I guess. What it is is an interview with Live Earth's official spokesman about how their event wasn't going to be a waste of time and carbon. I just wanted the link to start with the word 'green'.

Please go and join the debate with real-life Chinese people, speaking Chinese!

***Here's what's good in grime right now: Durrty Goodz. Go get the mp3s, they're still there and they're AMAZING.

***Alex's slot in the 'Dazed Digital 50' - the interview isn't online though.

***The most recent Offender Learning And Skills Service newsletter (woo).

***Umm, there's my Kano feature in Dazed&Confused. I haven't scanned it in because I don't have a scanner. Kano was very affable but him and grime are basically distant cousins that don't talk anymore.


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