Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hardcore continuum debate: Aftermathematics

Just a quick update to say the Hardcore Continuum discussion at UeL last month was good fun (not least because of the opportunity to 'drive' the DLR, above) - thanks to everyone who came. A few people have done write-ups or responses, including Alex Williams, Martin Clark, Melissa Bradshaw and Simon Reynolds, who I guess has been listening to tapes of the debate - I’m still not clear if mp3s are being made public or not, I've been told different things at different times.

I wrote this follow-up on Lower End Spasm, which was basically a long-winded way of saying ‘okay, this has been fun, I want to get back to enjoying music again now’. In Melissa Bradshaw's case, this mentality led her to flee to a socaerobics class half-way through the debate (see the link above). Alex Bok Bok pretty much ran home to get on with making beats. Friends in the audience who I spoke to afterwards (among their number promoters, DJs, producers, musicologists, bloggers, and broadsheet journalists, fwiw) responded in the same vein: "okay, that was that. Can we go raving now?" A bit of theory is indeed the spice of life, but too much of it and you end up choking.


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