Monday, February 20, 2012


Here's several 1400 word album review essay pieces for The National.

Pulp's 80s Fire Records re-issues, socialism, lyric-writing and Sheffield.

2011: a year in grassroots protest music, or how technology and the networked revolutions changed protest music, from Tahrir to Wall Street.

Rustie's 'Glass Swords', hoverboards, and Glasgow architecture.

Wiley's 'Evolve or Be Extinct', creative compulsion, Wil's mortality, and modern auteurs.

Here's a feature about The Rise of Afrobeats for The Guardian. Seriously, check out that Abrantee mixtape and tell me it's not amazing.

And at the front-line of, er, silly major label PR stunts, here's what happened when The Guardian sent me to try and find Kanye West in Shoreditch.

On The Guardian Music podcast talking about Adam Harper's Infinite Music and playing/discussing Wiley's incredible new African-style riddim 'F Off'.

I also did talked about grime and politics at Exeter University, and they hilariously ripped off one of my g2 covers for the flyer (oh and the g2 piece itself is here):

Oh and I did a conference in Sweden on modern protest music (with Peaches!) - here's me and fellow Guardian writer Dorian Lynskey at the conference looking like, in my housemate's words, a Nordic metal Right Said Fred covers band (thanks Paul). Here's the video of our panel:

Songs of protest - The political power of music in 2011 from SKAP on Vimeo.


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