Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Utopia and the Valley of Tears coverage round-up

My ebook about Marinaleda and the Spanish crisis - only £3.60, available here - came out in late August and has been doing very well, thank you for asking. I'm going back to Spain this winter to research a longer book, for Verso, about the history of the utopia - about the communist village as an ecosystem. Until then, here's a quick round-up of some of the fall-out:

Here's an extract in The Guardian.
Here's an extract in El País.
Here's an extract in The Occupied Times.
Here's an interview I did for Dazed & Confused (print), here's an interview I did for Monocle (radio, 18mins in), and another interview about the #25s protests for Monocle (radio, 11mins in). There was also BBC Newsnight, which is no longer online, and Novara on Resonance FM, which is not yet online.
Here's a review in The National, a review on Search for the Master Copy, a long review-essay in Greek for LiFO, a review on Z Blogs, and a shout on Boing Boing. (If you want a review copy get in touch at the usual address.)
I'm doing a talk about utopias and the Spanish crisis at the Cuts Cafe in London on 18 October at 6pm - details here.
And finally, it's going to be translated into Spanish and published as a physical and digital book early next year by Artefakte. The Verso book will be out autumn 2013.


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