Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Numbers and Glasgow club music

I went to Glasgow (and Clerkenwell) to write about Numbers and the Weegie rave scene for The Guardian 

As talk turns to Numbers' hectic upcoming release schedule, the pub's landlady comes over and says something in Revill's ear. "Ah – we'd better round things up, we've got to go downstairs to check out Chez Damier." Pardon? Glasgow's level of credibility is itself stretching credibility. Detroit techno legend Chez Damier is playing a DJ set at 5pm in the afternoon, in a city-centre pub basement? The Numbers crew shrug and smile: of course he is.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

This is what we have to look forward to

Since the election is finally underway, it's about time I posted this: undercover at the Conservative Future Christmas party for Prospect

“Yah but your surname is Jenkins,” his friend says through a mouthful of teeth. “That’s such a butler’s name!”

“Jenkiiiiiiins!!” They all boom happily at once, summoning an imaginary servant and the ghost of Conservative past at the same time. The declamation falls away into the West End night, nullified by the bright lights of nearby Piccadilly Circus.

“Where’s Bollinger?” someone wonders, idly.

“Bollie? She’s left I think.”

This piece got me some considerable stick from one unintentionally hilarious young Tory blogger.