Monday, February 20, 2012

The Futurist Cook-Book

Right. I haven't updated links on here for way too long, so here's lots at once. This is a feature for The National about the Italian Futurists, and what happened when they took their notoriously radical art, wit, wisdom and proto-Fascism into the kitchen. I even tried out some of the recipes. And they took pictures of me wearing an apron.
You just can't buy camel meat in my local supermarket - and I don't have the right equipment in my kitchen to pass an electric current through a cube of beef before serving it. I was also dubious about the effects of filling candied citrons with chopped cuttlefish, or stewing meat in a mixture of coffee and eau de cologne.

Thanks to Alix Campbell, of the awesome Vintage Cookbook Trials blog, for the loan of the book.


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