Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's summer, what's happening?

Well, mostly, Tom Humberstone and I finished a whole entire book of my words and Tom's pictures from the campaign trail - new ones, fresh ones, and the best ones from the blog, beautifully designed by Tom on lovely thick matt paper. It's been lauded by Jesse Armstrong, the writer of Peep Show, Jeffrey Brown, creator of superb graphic novels, Iain Dale, political blogger supremo, Justin Webb, BBC North America Editor, and just about everyone in-between these diverse points.

Our launch was tremendously successful, and now the book is available to buy on PayPal here, with details of shop sales and cheques and such here. The limited-edition, individually-numbered first print run is almost GONE, so get it while it's hot - or else spend months crying in front of eBay later.

Other recent excitements:

Me (and Jay-Z) Vs Noel Gallagher
for The Guardian

Me Vs the BNP for the New Statesman

Me being surprised and impressed by an ageing Public Enemy for the New Statesman.

Tom and I interviewed by BBC Radio Five Live about My Fellow Americans.